Starting in the summer of 2012, adventuresome types can try the sauna raft Sea Rock located in the Sõru Harbour. The raft is docked and can be accessed by land beside the historic sailboat “Alar”. If the weather permits and the client is willing, we will take the raft out to sea. As Sõru is the deepest and narrowest area in the Soela Strait and has Estonia’s fastest sea currents, we have to take the forces of nature into account.

For a holiday on the water we offer sharp bursts of sauna steam, refreshing seawater, a terrace with one of the best views in Estonia and accommodation for at least five persons.

The sauna platform is 5x8m, of which about half is covered by the cabin. Food and drink must be brought along from the shore (there is a store and tavern in Sõru Harbour). 

There are 5 mattresses on the Sauna Raft, You will have to bring your own sleeping bags or other necessaries with you.