Pruuli Holiday Farm lies at the southern tip of the island Hiiumaa, close to the Sõru harbour, being in sight of those who are approaching the island by sea. The family has been living on the farm for hundreds of years, but all the present buildings date from the 21st century. In 2011 the host finished the self-built brewery that is to let!

The well-known brewer Pruuli Tiuka, the grandfather of the host, grew old as well as his brewery. That is why the grandson needed a new one. It took him a few years to build a house to last. He used such local building materials as stones from the surrounding fields, traditional firebricks of Hiiumaa, the Ungru slate, timber felled on the land of the father of the host, and materials washed ashore during storms. The horns used to decorate the interior are mostly found in the forest on the territory of the hunting district of Emmaste. By Christmas 2010 the grandfather was so satisfied with the new house that he gave the vats and ’instruments’ to the grandson. By then the art of brewing beer had already been passed on to him. In winter 2011, the host finished constructing and carving the oaken furniture too and, having consulted his wife, opened the house to all the guests. The family lives in another house on the farm.

Of course, beer is not brewed every day! One must take the time to drink it too! To make the holiday even more pleasant, there is beside the beer cellar also a wood-heated sauna, a fireplace room with an open kitchen and on the first floor a toilet and two bedrooms, for up to three persons each. Looking out of the window or sitting in the yard one has the sea, junipers, sheep and stone fences in view. Those, who do not care about home-made beer, will surely find the brewery equally cosy.